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Looks like granite.
Maintenance free, plus
the holes don’t show!

Finally, NoSho Pegboard has eliminated the unattractive appearance of
painted pegboard. With our granite look (granite signifies beauty and strength), you don’t see the holes but they are all there, along with the functionality you expect from pegboard. Because Nosho is prefinished and attractive, it is generally less expensive than building a wall in your garage or workshop and then applying a wall covering material. For retailers, Nosho greatly enhances your product presentation, and hides all those dings and scratches that detract from painted pegboard!

Nosho Granite White next to painted pegboard

NoSho Pegboard makes hanging storage easier than ever. NoSho
camouflages the holes of ordinary pegboard with a proprietary, patented
design on a durable, easy to clean paper laminate. You will quickly discover
the versatility and easy installation of NoSho pegboard panels. You’ll return
to NoSho again and again to organize other areas of your life -- both at work
and at home.

NoSho Pegboard is manufactured with an MDF substrate, making panels
strong and flat, so they perform dependably for years. NoSho Pegboard
has hole perforations on one-inch centers and accommodates standard
pegboard hooks and brackets. To view a point-of-purchase display, click here.

With NoSho, there’s a lot more than meets the eye.