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Because NoSho doesn’t look like pegboard you can use it anywhere. NoSho is the perfect hanging storage and display solution for the home, office and business. The installations seen on this Portfolio page demonstrate just a few of the many creative applications possible with NoSho Pegboard.

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“NoSho Pegboard really dresses up a garage. Every client who’s specified pegboard has chosen NoSho since we began to offer it. NoSho Pegboard looks great and makes our company look better because we are offering something unique. Our clients appreciate the storage versatility and good looks of NoSho Pegboard”

Mike Pilley, Mike Pilley Construction

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“NoSho doesn’t look like pegboard. It has a more decorative look and is just right for organizing my home computer office.”

John Monahan

“I used the white NoSho Pegboard to create an office area near the cash register. It’s perfect because it doesn’t look like pegboard and I didn’t have to paint it.”

Frank Beard

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“I was planning to use slat wall for the store remodel but when I saw Camo NoSho it was a no brainer. The cost was much less and all the products in our store look better on Camo NoSho than they do on ordinary pegboard. It was easy to install and I’m glad I used it.”

Pat Carter, Sportsman's Country Complete Outfitters

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